Parallel Lives

The motherland holds a deep place in the psyche of many Asian Americans. Our dual identities are often the source of struggle, but also inspiration – a desire to connect with our roots, culture, and family. A return to the motherland can offer insights and answers about yourself and your personal connection to that place. It can be life-altering in unexpected ways. We asked photographers: in a parallel universe, what would our lives look like if we were still living in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Pakistan, juxtaposed with the lives we currently have in America. Follow each photographer's journey back to their respective motherlands and what they learned about themselves during that journey.

Artists featured:

Cindy Trinh  || @activistnyc

Hanifa Haris || @hanifa.haris 

Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet || @poupayphoto

Mary Kang || @mary.kang

Michael Ken Stewart  || @madnames @tombohaus_

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